Private Equity Investors. Since 1996 we have supported entrepreneurs building technology related companies in new and growing business sectors as a private equity investor. We invest our own funds, uniting our interests with each investee. We provide focused attention on our investments, sharing our experience, networks and knowledge to help them grow and prosper.

Experienced. XDL Capital Group is led by Dennis Bennie, who has 38 years’ experience in conceptualizing, starting, growing, financing, and managing both private and public companies focused in the technology sector.

  • We have been active both tactically and strategically, as operators, board members and investors.
  • We have been involved in all aspects of the business – leadership, sales, marketing, technology and administration.
  • We have led both organic growth (creating, building, fund raising), and growth by merger and acquisition.
  • We have managed expanding, and weathered contracting, business cycles. We maximize shareholder value.

Connected. For over 33 years we’ve worked with industry leaders and influencers, investment bankers, brokers, recruiters, distributors, law firms, accounting firms, and a hundred other service providers that have a role in building a business. We can separate the wheat from the chaff and know who delivers, on time and on budget.

Committed. For us, building entrepreneurial businesses, and especially technology based businesses, is a passion. People succeed more in areas in which they are focused and about which they are passionate.

Our experience, network and passion combine to make us a value added investor. We devote our experience, knowledge and network to building and unleashing the value of companies in which we invest. Value has many flavors. Some value comes from the experience gathered through years spent operating in the trenches, building technology businesses. Some comes from the ability to execute. We have transformed ideas into reality, shaping concepts into products that are sold to consumers en masse, and products that are sold to Fortune 500 companies on an enterprise basis. Understanding how to commercialize technology by forging together the talent that allows organizations to grow, obtain the finance to succeed and adopt winning strategy is our trademark. We have participated as founders, CEO, senior management, Chair of the board, directors and advisors.

We are comfortable holding equity positions alongside management and don’t participate unless we are able to influence management with our know-how, experience and ability.